Custom art made from your photo!

Your art is created with a digital tablet while my digital pen acts as a paintbrush.  Each tuft of fur is applied one stroke at a time and the process is similar to a traditional oil on canvas.

Step 1:  The Reference Photo

The reference photo is very important to the success of your finished art . The more detail I have in the photo the more detail I can add to your finished painting.  It's important to chose your favorite photo, one that really captures the spirit and especially the eyes of the subject.  (Unless it's a sleeping photo of course)

In the example below I have multiple dogs that the client wanted put into the same painting. 

Reference Photo for Art Portrait

Final piece of art of all dogs together

Step 2 - Creating backgrounds and foregrounds for custom art portraits

Every art portrait is one of a kind and I strive to make it uniquely yours.  I handcraft backgrounds and foregrounds to match your décor or your personal tastes adding custom colors, rolling landscapes, beaches or favorite flowers.

Custom art portraits

Multiple pets together in one painting

Step 3 - The heart of the art, the brushstrokes!

This is where the magic is made.  The texture and detail of my art is what I take the most pride in.  It is the most important part of the process and it's also the most time consuming.  Although this is a digital process, each brushstroke is applied by zooming in very close so I can paint one tuft of hair at a time in the direction of the fur or hair growth.  This technique maintains the details of the subject for quality and realism. For skin we use a much gentler pressure applying skin tones to create a polished, porcelain glow. 

Fur detail of pet portrait

Skin Detail for People Paintings Bridal Art

Step 4 - Color and fine tuning of the portrait

The play between color and light is what makes art...well art.  Spending hours layering color and shading until it feels alive..  For pet paintings, notice the eyes, truly what I focus most on in my paintings...and of course the real you could almost feel the softness! Every Picture Your Photo painting is known for the strength and soul of the details.  For people paintings this process is also where makeup is perfected, flaws hidden and the best features emphasized. 

Fur detail and color, contrast, light and dark

You approve before paying anything

Finally, after your painting is approved by you it is printed to canvas and delivered to your door.

Custom Art Portraits- Why choose Picture Your Photo

The great thing about digital paintings is you can love your art well beyond the limitations of a canvas.  My customers enjoy the freedom of choosing print, merchandise and download options to enjoy their art. 

Of course I love to see finished pieces on the big stretched canvas but it also looks great as a print, shared on Facebook or Twitter, made into a coffee mug or a cell phone cover. 

Fact is, I just want you to love and enjoy your pet's art

Your final art proof will be sent to you for approval so you can make as many changes as you like until it's perfect for you.  Once you approve you will have a private gallery and private shopping cart to make your art into pretty much anything you can imagine.  Best of all, our prices are just a fraction of a typical oil painting.  In other words, a forever memory for a great value.

Standard Art Size Prices

Let's Get Started!!

Reach out using the CONTACT US link above or email for a quote - and be sure to send a photo of your subject.  (if there is  more than one photo please send each in a separate email to ensure delivery) .  The cost of the art depends on the size and material you would like the final piece to be and number of subjects. 

I promise a quality piece of art you will love forever and 100% satisfaction. 

I look forward to impressing you!

Tina Hartman

Picture Your Photo


Email or use the contact us link now to create your own custom pet painting.

Custom art portraits for dogs, cats small and large animals

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